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Promoting and Enhancing Skills for Children in a Specialized Setting



"As you become more sensitive to sensory integration functions in your child, you may be able 

to help him...lead a happier, more successful life."
       - A. Jean Ayers, PhD 

About Pediatric Therapy Solutions


Our Mission

 The mission of Pediatric Therapy Solutions is to serve children and their families on the Central Coast by facilitating their development, growth and education in a supportive and joyful environment. We uphold the highest clinical standards through our innovative and effective therapy programs, professional expertise and consultation. 


What We Do

We offer occupational therapy evaluation and treatment primarily for children ages 0-18 years of age who present with fine motor, gross motor, sensorimotor, sensory regulation, visual motor, visual perceptual, neuromuscular and trauma-based concerns. In addition, we work closely with parents, caregivers, teachers and other therapists to best serve the needs of each child. 

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What Is Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

Pediatric OT works on helping children develop the skills they need to reach their full potential as they grow and mature.  Physical impairments, developmental delays, injuries and other issues can negatively affect a child’s ability to perform everyday tasks and evolve through successive stages of social, cognitive, emotional and motor development.  The longer a child goes without learning these skills, the more the problem compounds as the child ages which makes the skills of a pediatric occupational therapist very important to their patients.  

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